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tbh most people call me/know me as falu but jeo is fine too!!

ongoing events or things im working on


Arrow left by Drawn-Mario MYO doggoon first round (please finish soon!)


Arrow left by Drawn-Mario visual references, visual-novel-style information poster of misc doggoon information percentages, classes etc



note-worthy things

Ink and Paper Icon by vanmall things I do not tolerate:
DO NOT comment/note me about art contests
I also DO NOT work for exposure alone
Please DO NOT advertise on my page
And DO NOT pester me to buy your adopts

derogatory comments will be ignored/blocked/banned tyvm

please keep in mind I have been very busy with art school,
I apologize for the slow updates!!!


pixel status bar : commissions by akiicchi C l o s e d (till i finish my current list)
pixel status bar : art trades by akiicchi F r i e n d s
pixel status bar : collabs by akiicchi F r i e n d s
pixel status bar : kiriban by akiicchi - - -
pixel status bar : requests by akiicchi A d o p t a b l e s

Work Orders Keyblink by Twistyd

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Shijinno custom + accessory sheet
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Vaniraa doggoon III and IV extra
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Kaiyu-san doggoon V extra
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario vindiko doggoon VIII extra
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario 216th some custom things
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Kuumone malamaur
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Skunkyfly headshot + 2x icon animation + sketchy custom
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Sakura-Pumpkin chibi
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario miyabau sketch custom + full body
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Skunkyfly sketch custom + full body


Free eagle feather icon by White-Sight ♠ ♣ ♥ ♦

Tablet: Wacom Intuos4 medium | Right Handed
Programs: Photoshop CS6 , PaintTool SAI

"There's nothing new under the sun。" tumblr twitter


Other Projects I'm Working On Keyblink by Twistyd

... Speech Bubble by socksyy Speaking/reading Japanese
Mini E-mail Icon by Gasara Purge
Mini Note Icon by Gasara Species information
Mini Note Icon by Gasara Commission pricing sheet
Mini Comment Icon by Gasara Apt things

Ah also if anybody wants doggoon base transfers hmu 

8 deviants said probably $30 for basic

terms of service

Little White Totoro Pixel Divider FREE USE by ZombieMutt13SHORT VERSION

Question Mark Mood Icon by Gasara I will reply to questions
Heart Mood Icon by Gasara If you have a toyhouse account please credit falu

Right Mood Icon by Gasara You are allowed to modify your adoptables (gender, color, additional)
Right Mood Icon by Gasara You are allowed to trade/gift/resell for no more than the bought price!
Exclamation Mark Mood Icon by Gasara Do not edit the original art without my permission!

Anger Mood Icon by Gasara Watch out for art thieves! Watermark your adoptable!
Anger Mood Icon by Gasara Do not heavily trace/reference my creations please and thank you.

Cloud Mood Icon by Gasara Violators of the terms of service will be given warning/blacklisted.
Cloud Mood Icon by Gasara Blacklist will be made public. Listed will be banned from my services.


Aug 30, 2016
2:45 pm
Aug 30, 2016
11:41 am
Aug 30, 2016
9:06 am
Aug 30, 2016
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Aug 30, 2016
8:56 am



:icongachadopts: :iconvogue-couture: :iconturrisalas: :iconmilizia:


[P] Jeul'ur Carmiron by mowtei
[P] Jeul'ur Carmiron
I finished!!!!!!! Jeul's sheet!!!!!!!!!!!!
It took so long
I haven't spent that much time on one piece of work for so long
TBH it was refreshing although the endurance trials were harsh
I should do that again sometime uvu

You can find her page here!!

jeul (c) me
Auction: doggoon batch 202122 [closed] by mowtei
Auction: doggoon batch 202122 [closed]
Emoji35 by Emoji-icon AHHHHHHHHH HEY GUYS!!!!! I'm sorry I've been dead the past few days!!
Finally got my living situation figured out but that put me out several hundred dollars sjdfhsdfjhshdf I'm pretty broke LMAO so have some more doggooon babies!!!
This time I was inspired to go through the extra effort to draw weapons along with them!! 
Theyre pretty sketch tho ehehe ;;;; ////

On a side note I'm planning to make more visual references for their world/species/lore and stuff when I have some time
Also on a side side note I don't know if I'll be punctual replying to the end of the auction for this one just due to moving, just a heads up!
I've also updated the CS information on toyhouse, if you want to check out the tl;dr wall of text

Icondoggoon by mowteiDoggoon Species Trait sheet by mowtei

Doggoons are ancient nomadic creatures descendent of dracons.
Their iridiscent eyes are striking to the viewer, only until the fangs of their blades slice across their throats.

Powerful and agile in nature, doggoons are often employed as mercenaries and absolutely love roaming the world.
They are however very feeble against frigid temperatures, having to evolve a necessary firepit alongside their hearth to store the pyre of their soul.

Doggoons love their cloaks, a cultural and individual representation of who they are.
Of course, along with its function to give them an extra blanket during cold nights.
Steam sometimes rises from their nostrils, an indication of a healthy doggoon.

Doggoons unique thermoregulation apparatus is what enables them their agility and long endurance. It's not just because they are naturally fit, but because all temperature must be controlled manually by each doggoon. Their hearth/pyre/firepit (known by many names) is able to quickly warm a doggoon up in order for them to accelerate into action or battle, without needing to do the usual warm up routine humans would do; however once their body reaches the brink of overheating they are able to turn the heat off immediately. Being semi-cold blooded this gives an advantage as it channels all the cold from the wind straight through their bodies in order to cool them down so that they can go on top speeds without needing to take a break. The rest of the endurance just relies on what food they eat (laughs)  

:bulletblack: Paypal instructions: currency USD. No shipping option. I also take googlepay
:bulletblack: Please respond to the previous bidder to bid. It'll be easier for everyone to keep track.
:bulletblack: You must have the money on hand. After winning I will note you my paypal, and if I do not receive payment within 24 hours of notification the adopt will be open again. (unless you would like to discuss a payment plan)
:bulletblack: Trades, gift, transfer etc allowed. Reselling allowed not exceeding bought price.
:bulletblack: Upon purchase you will receive the larger, transparent background, unwatermarked version of the adoptable.
:bulletblack: You're free to change their colours to your liking, gender to your preference and whatever else you like but please credit the original design to mowtei
:bulletblack: Give them a lovely home ♥ Also my TH is here
:bulletblack: Design wise they might look like boys but i'm a fan of thinking about them as androgynous so..... YOURE FREE TO CHANGE GENDER/SEX AS YOU WISH
:bulletblack: If your account is new I require verification by linking me an alternate account/ties to the community.

Starting Price: $30
Minimum bid increment $2
End Date: Tuesday - August 16th 10:00pm -8GMT PST
Snipe Guard: 1 hour (will be extended a day)

XX Archer's attraction

Autobuy: $150


XXI Dark, Dismal and Dual

Autobuy: $150

Ab'd by :iconshijinno:

XXII Presumptions protection

Autobuy: $150

Ab'd by :iconboyfriend-kun:

AB includes simple custom cloak to your preference!

Adoptable TOSBy purchasing an adoptable from me, you are automatically agreeing to the following conditions.
Failing to read and abide by these rules will result in consequences and or termination of privileges.
If anything needs clarification or you would like to request anything more information feel free to comment on this journal or send me a Note.
JUNE 2016
All payment must be in USD or USD price equivalent (resulting conversion fees must be paid by you, the buyer)
Payment is due within 24 hours at the end of an auction or upfront for custom services. Don't offer what you don't have!
We can discuss if you need more time or a payment plan. No refunds are permitted once the exchange is completed.
Please choose the "no shipping required" option when paying via paypal and do not send via friends/family option.
Please send me your paypal email in order for me to send an invoice, unless you wou



Journal Entry: Sat Jun 4, 2016, 7:14 PM

To those who participated: THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH AHHHHHHHHHHH //////////// It truly made me proud and filled with joy to see characters fleshed out from relationships, to backstory to the magical tragedies that occur behind the scenes. It was truly inspiring to see everyone work hard for this event. It breaks my heart that I couldn't give out more prizes!!! I hope that you will continue to flesh out the worlds and cherish their stories even more from today, because I have grown personally attached to each and every one you have submitted (and will continue to stalk them through their journeys)!!! 

Thank you all so much again and I hope you will come participate again next year!!!!!!!!!!! <33333

Now to the winners!!

🌟 First Place!

I had a very hard time deciding who won first place, and in the end could not decide between them, so there will be two winners for first place!!

Congratulations to :iconskunkyfly: and :iconmiyabau: !!!

Aion I have been watching you draw him with so much attention and detail, from full blown illustrations to a mind-blowing light novel and to so many little sketches, chibis and comics on twitter... everytime I saw you draw him in his story-world interacting with their boo, it gave a smile to my face. I thought you know wow!! To the point that I continually shared drawings with him to my friends because I was so proud to see him living such a fully fleshed out life! I cannot wait to read about him and his friends in your light-novels!! Keep it up!!
Out-Of-Boo! --Aion Blue Character Sheet by SkunkyflyA Seagul-A Dog-and A Boy by Skunkyfly[CLICK TO READ]001-Out Of Boo-EN ver by Skunkyfly

Xeal the first thing I noticed when I saw him was how cute it was that you gave him a braid/pony-tail and glasses! The fact that you made him your own and naturally brandished him with accessories that fitted him made my heart flutter. I loved seeing the amount of drawings and sketchpages and expressions found in his gallery, they were so quick to be done and made by so many artists!! AHHH what a cutie I fell in love with him so much--- but what blew my mind the most was when I saw the stash file you did for his profile/story. You can tell when there are stories that seem to have been quickly thrown together, and then you can tell where the stories, the drawings, the biography and all his information was woven so tightly together that it engrosses you in and you can actually visually see and feel who they were and what world they were in. That was Xeal for me. His story made so much sense and inspired me, along with the fact that you played around with the magic of the vines. I definitely want to see even more of him from now on!! Keep it up!!

xeal ||

🌟 Third place!

There are two others I considered for third place whom also had characters which were shown much love, but I had to go with my gut feeling!!

Congratulations to :iconjadeofblades:

Loren What I loved the most were the expressions you drew him with, such diverse emotions that makes me grip hard because it gave me the feeling that he is alive! Captures my heart! Sad, cute, cheerful, interacting with friends, interacting with own tail! You gave him more items, putting thought into his inventory and detailed the inside of his cloak, I love that a lot! Thank you so much for loving Loren, keep it up!!!

🌟 Fourth place!

Congratulations to :iconshijinno:

Fel, Vesz, Miir, Ciym What I loved the most about these 4 are the fact that they all have a detailed relationship with each other and all the extra tidbits you put into them such as name meanings, favourite items, stats, and the overall story they had together!! Fel even has his own pokemon AU going on and that makes me happy!! I can start to see their expressions and personalities coming out in the drawings and I can't wait for them to be developed more!! Keep it up!! Also the fact that they're all the same species is a guilty pleasure... SFGDDGS I loved seeing doggoons interacting with more doggoons, it's a really unique sight.

🌟 Runner ups and All participants!


Yanagi surprised me with his charahub profile, at first I saw his bio, then I saw the huge amount of questions and answers on another tab! I also loved reading the bio and the locations that were mentioned such as Dead End and Reim interested me a lot! I love how the locations already exist and Yanagi is another player in a vast fleshed out world with relationships, pets and transportation. I would love to see them even more fleshed out in the future and more drawings of hiim AHHhhhH KEEP IT UP!! I love how the relationships are all thematic sdhjfhsdjfs


Zephyr is such a cutie!!! The comic made me laugh because of his expression. I love how you took the time to draw all of these different poses and emotions for him, it gives a very lively feeling!! I love seeing these kinds of things and the way that Asher face is interacting with Zephyr says a lot about him!! WHAT A LITTLE HAPPY CRYBABY SCREAMS KEEP IT UP!! I would love to see them interact even more!!


Nitro was one of the first characters I saw on toyhouse that had lots of art and and love put into him!! I am so glad you were the one able to take care of him!! I love how you gave him a dog form, I remember the time when Ali came to me and was amused that she was doing a commission of one of my designs and I watched her draw it, it is a fond memory. His expressions and clean art is one of the things that make me happy looking at him. I would love to read up more about him!! Keep it up!!!


Dev I know he has more art than is displayed on the page!! I wish I could see them!! The story about how Dev took his friend's dead ashes/smoke/heat/hearth into the lantern is super cool and I'd love to know what other impacts this has had on him. I also really like how theres a separate page for habitat or where his fellow assassins live! You should give it a name-- and keep it up!!! <3



Thank you all again for participating!!! See you again next year <3

🌟 Raffle winner!

Congratulations SakuraPumpkin's Yanagi!!

I will note all the winners shortly <3


Ink and Paper Icon by vanmall 

Welcome to Love Your Character Event!!!

 I've been meaning to create an event like this for sometime, and it is just as the title says!

It's about time characters get some loving! I will be giving away prizes for best well taken care of characters designed by me. 
Don't worry, this is not a competition of best artwork or best design, I will be judging solely on how much I feel characters have been cared for.

Before the rules and criteria for judging... let's hear it for the.....


1st place:

Full body cellshade or headshot painted
Custom (doggoons, malamaurs, ankhlos, cyberdogs, cats, etc) or MYO slot (all rarities unlocked)
P: Sahara II by mowteiCustom doggoon : Shijinno by mowteimy baby stormrider by mowtei

2nd place:

MYO slot (any species, uncommon rarity unlocked)

3rd-4th place:

MYO slot (any species, common)

Raffle winner:

Chibi sketch from me!

There will be a total of 5 winners because I'd like to give gifts to more than just 1 or 2 people for taking care of your designs from me /////

Now for the....



- This event is only if you own a design made by me! (I have gone by the names faluliai, faluu, jeotabet, mowtei, jeul, etc)
- This event ends around a month from now at July 24, 2016
- Each character submitted must have a valid profile page (toyhouse, weebly, etc)
- You can submit any number of characters!
You must link the character in this journal

Judging Criteria:

Artwork of your character available
  - commissions and gifts count
  - i'm not judging on the number of drawings, but the amount of love put into your character (expressions, clothing, items, relationships, effort etc, these are just a few examples)
Writing of your character's profile (lore, personality, relationships, stories, etc)
Relationships for your character
- If you upload your character to toyhouse and credit me appropriately you will also gain a point from me!
Effort, and love! (i am master lurker for this)
- And most importantly how much fun you have with this!!! *^*

Of course I will also be taking this eventful month to expand on my own characters and species lores, so let's all have fun together!! 
I don't mean this event to be a ultra serious thing where you earn a prize for me, I honestly really just want to see some love ♥
:iconjunesplz: im super hungry for character stories and development guys, feed me

Free eagle feather icon by White-Sight 

What characters do must grow out of who they are, and who they are is, in turn, influenced by what you make happen to them.

— Nancy Kress

I think all writers are always collecting characters as we go along. Not just characters of course, we’re collecting EVERYTHING. Bits and pieces of story. An interesting dynamic between people. A theme. A great character back story. A cool occupation. The look of someone’s eyes. A burning ambition. Hundreds of thousands of bits of flotsam and jetsam that we stick in the back of our minds like the shelves full of buttons and ribbons and fabrics and threads and beads in a costumer’s shop.

— Alexandra Sokoloff


Ah also if anybody wants doggoon base transfers hmu
8 deviants said probably $30 for basic


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