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Summer 2015: June to August
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tbh most people call me/know me as falu but jeo is fine too!!

ongoing events or things im working on


Arrow left by Drawn-Mario MYO doggoon first round (please finish soon!)


Arrow left by Drawn-Mario visual references, visual-novel-style information poster of misc doggoon information percentages, classes etc



note-worthy things

Ink and Paper Icon by vanmall things I do not tolerate:
DO NOT comment/note me about art contests
I also DO NOT work for exposure alone
Please DO NOT advertise on my page
And DO NOT pester me to buy your adopts

derogatory comments will be ignored/blocked/banned tyvm

please keep in mind I have been very busy with art school,
I apologize for the slow updates!!!


pixel status bar : commissions by akiicchi C l o s e d (till i finish my current list)
pixel status bar : art trades by akiicchi F r i e n d s
pixel status bar : collabs by akiicchi F r i e n d s
pixel status bar : kiriban by akiicchi - - -
pixel status bar : requests by akiicchi A d o p t a b l e s

Work Orders Keyblink by Twistyd

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario miyabau sketch custom + full body
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Skunkyfly sketch custom + full body
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario 216th custom arabian clothings x2
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario JadeOfBlades doggoon base ych
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario crotchetyyuri @ th doggoon base ych
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario deathALICE doggoon/dracora collabs
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario phuka @ th doggoon custom

Waiting on Keyblink by Twistyd

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario squidribs @ fa
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario mubean @ th
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario moetooru @ twitter


Free eagle feather icon by White-Sight ♠ ♣ ♥ ♦

Tablet: Wacom Intuos4 medium | Right Handed
Programs: Photoshop CS6 , PaintTool SAI

"There's nothing new under the sun。" tumblr twitter


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... Speech Bubble by socksyy Speaking/reading Japanese
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What should I do? 

36 deviants said Portrait commissions
35 deviants said Non CS adopts
31 deviants said CS adopts
28 deviants said Clothes design commissions
5 deviants said Other

terms of service

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Question Mark Mood Icon by Gasara I will reply to questions
Heart Mood Icon by Gasara If you have a toyhouse account please credit falu

Right Mood Icon by Gasara You are allowed to modify your adoptables (gender, color, additional)
Right Mood Icon by Gasara You are allowed to trade/gift/resell for no more than the bought price!
Exclamation Mark Mood Icon by Gasara Do not edit the original art without my permission!

Anger Mood Icon by Gasara Watch out for art thieves! Watermark your adoptable!
Anger Mood Icon by Gasara Do not heavily trace/reference my creations please and thank you.

Cloud Mood Icon by Gasara Violators of the terms of service will be given warning/blacklisted.
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Oct 22, 2016
1:00 am
Oct 21, 2016
6:06 pm
Oct 21, 2016
3:06 pm
Oct 21, 2016
12:46 pm
Oct 20, 2016
8:45 pm



:iconmilizia: :iconvogue-couture: :icongachadopts: :iconturrisalas:


[OPEN COMMS] Doggoon base transfer/YCH flatsale

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 9, 2016, 1:25 AM

HIYA DOGGOON OWNERS!! I'm opening commissions!!
45USD each!
5 slots! For now <3


[P] Chibi Jeul kya by mowtei[P] Chibi Sol shaka shaka by mowtei[P] Chibi Sagi nyoom by mowtei

Comment below with the form:

References: (with cloaks preferred! I made this base thinking about flowy cloaks and tails!!)
Personality/expression: this will determine both their expression and their breath form)
Paypal: (if you do not wish for your paypal to be public feel free to send me a note)
Extra: (anything else you'd like to add, e.g. tail length etc)


1. crotchetyyuri @ th
2 JadeOfBlades


[P] Chibi Sol shaka shaka by mowtei
[P] Chibi Sol shaka shaka
also gonna open commis for this base ^__^
It's doggoon specific tho

Notes deletion issue

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 7, 2016, 1:42 PM

Hello! If anyone of you have sent me a note recently, it may have gotten deleted on accident!
So if I didn't reply to one of your notes this may be the issue.
This comes up every time I try and open my dA notes on mobile.
Which means I'm going to avoid trying to read notes on my phone, so I might be delayed in replying to things from now on!
However for those of you who believe I have not rightly replied to one of your notes, please resend them to me!

This however excludes RP group, contests, and other such spam advertisements.
I generally ignore these as stated.



Doggoons: Updated trait sheet 10.5.2016. by mowtei
Doggoons: Updated trait sheet 10.5.2016.
Hi guys!! 
Here's the newest update for traits!!
I've been wanting to clean up and show how the traits are working!

There's the default or "main" trait e.g. the slit eyes which most doggoons have, and then there's a variety of pupil mutations!!
The longer ears (long flop, long perk, feral [previously called short ears]) are rarer than the shorter versions

As for the tails, each tail has it's individual differences but they all fall into these main categories depending on how they are formed!
All of them can have varying amounts of length, I just chose to display it with the spear-edge.
The fan-edge tails are generally known for being fat/plump/lots of fur in the middle, and the rest should be self-explanatory.

Also for the new addition of cloak spirits, some more detailing on what they have the potential to be!

TY for the continued interest in doggoons by the way!!!
It makes me very happy to be able to work on them ^___^

DOGGOONS ARE A CLOSED SPECIES (pls stop asking me if you can make one of your own....)
However, I do not own dragons, rpg settings, kemono ears or anything
so TBH I'm not claiming any "individual trait" except for cloak spirits
(you're free to make your own "rpg dog dragon combination of whatever")
What I will take offense to is tracing, taking design aesthetic, stealing lore, etc.
Thank you for appreciating my effort as an artist!!!


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connwaerofthecats Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2016
i love your work.....keep it up
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cute art. are u on furaffinity too?
MinamiHime Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Hi Mowtei and sorry to bother you
My friend are selling an adoptable and if you are instered. I hope you will visit this adoptable ? Thank you so much for your attention. I love your art, so adorable…
Yuutayo Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Yuutayo Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist

doggoon fanart
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